Team INEOS Hydration Bundle

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Team INEOS Hydration Bundle

Team INEOS Hydration Bundle

  • Description

    A specially selected bundle of Science In Sport products that Team INEOS riders use to stay hydrated when training and competing.  

    SiS Hydro tablets help you achieve your own best performance, containing all of the sodium and electrolytes your body needs, with zero calories. Offering excellent value, the Hydration Bundle includes a variety of flavours of SiS Hydro tablets and a 550ml team issue Elite Fly bottle, the lightest sports bottle in the world. Simple to use, just drop a Hydro tablet into your bottle of water and you’re ready to hit the road, perfectly hydrated.

    For full nutritional information click here.

  • Specifications
    • Team INEOS 2019 water bottle
    • GO Hydro Tablets Lemon 20 x 4g
    • GO Hydro Tablets Berry 20 x 4g
    • GO Hydro Tablets Pineapple & Mango 20 x 4g
    • GO Hydro + Caffeine Tablets Cola 20 x 4g